What are garden cultivators

Written by: siresdebra

Garden cultivators are small, handheld gardening tool that helps create furrows in the soil. This tool is an essential and handy gardening handtool to have on hand, as it is useful for loosening the soil and aerating it, which improves drainage. Garden cultivators also help break apart large clumps of hard soil so they can be mulched and garden cultivators for sale in Australia.

How does a garden cultivator work?

A garden cultivator consists of a movable handle and a pointed tine. The handle is attached to a shaft that is driven by an electric motor that turns the shaft at an adjustable-rate via a clutch. A drive belt drives the tines of the cultivator. The tines are started at rest and once driven, either continue moving in forward or backward directions at an adjustable speed. Garden cultivators are hooked up to weeders and other garden tools as well as to themselves for easy mobility.


What does a garden cultivator look like?

Garden cultivators vary in size, shape, and weight, depending on their capacity. Garden cultivators are available in both hand-operated versions as well as ones with electric motors. The machine consists of a handle, or tiller, and three to six tines that are made from sharp steel points. They are usually found in a triangular shape, though square models are also available depending on the manufacturer.


What is a garden cultivator used for?

Garden cultivators are typically used for loosening the soil and preparing the lawn for seeding or sowing. It can be used to aerate the lawn as well as prevent the growth of large clumps of dirt, which often occurs in heavy clay soil. Garden cultivators help reduce the work needed for weeding later on by reducing weed seeds’ ability to germinate by removing weeds’ overwintering sites and disrupting their protective layers.



Garden cultivators are a valuable tool for homeowners and gardeners alike. Garden cultivators help aerate and loosen the soil for easier planting of seedlings or seedlings after seeding, as well as for weeding later on. Garden cultivators are especially useful when used in large areas such as lawns and gardens because they help create small furrows which allow water to flow through easily throughout the soil. Garden cultivators are made from steel and carbon steel, but they are also available in aluminum tines as well. If a garden cultivator is not lightweight enough, it may be too difficult to use it properly and avoid injuring yourself with it.