Solar Pool Heating Matting

Have you been considering solar pool heating matting? Solar pool heating matting is a good eco-friendly way to heat your pool when you want to enjoy warmer water in your pool during fun times of playing and swimming with your family members and friends in your pool.


The wonderful technology of solar pool heating matting can provide an augmentation of the temperature by as much as three to five degrees. This is determined predominantly by the size of pool that you wish to heat. Also, the weather conditions contribute to how warm your pool will be.

This type of heating matting is terrific for pools that are above ground which possess a dimension of less than eight thousand gallons. The good news is that if you have a larger pool, mattings can be combined to provide efficient heat.


In order for this type of heater matting to function properly to heat your solar heating pool at Toowoomba exactly the way you need and want, all you have to do is just connect the matting to a filter pump. It is a good idea if the pump possess a flow rate capacity below the rate of two thousand five hundred gallons per hour. That equates to a rate of less than nine thousand four hundred and sixty-three litres per hour.


The surface of the matting will capture the rays of the sun to provide heating for your pool to make the pool a more comfortable temperature during your play time and swim times in your pool. A top quality solar heating matting should be easy to drain and store. Moreover, it should provide you with the points of attachment for the hose and adapters applicable for hose connections. Ideally, there should also be the provision of a connection hose, along with the inclusion of a bypass valve.