Is It Expensive To Live in Australia?

Australia’s cost of living has a bad reputation – it frequently tops the Deutsche Bank’s yearly Mapping the World’s Costs report for most expensive countries to reside.


But quality of life is high Down Under and It’s likely to get far more bang for the buck if you follow these tips, brought to you by MyMoneyHouse:


The great Aussie dream does not have to be a Bondi Beach address.

According to data from, Cronulla is the least expensive beachside suburb to rent one room, followed by Dee Why, Newport and Maroubra. Your average two-bedroom flat is much cheaper in Dee Why at $560 a week compared to Bondi’s $750 average.


Alternatively, widen your horizons to minimise your lease. Cities such as Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane or Newcastle are affordable and vibrant, while Australia has a wealth of amazing rural cities where lifestyle does not come at a high price.


Go to the Australian government’s Energy Made Easy site where you can compare electricity suppliers. Or for power, bypass the larger companies and utilize Powershop, which has no sign up costs and permits you to purchase electricity, as you need it from many different suppliers.


Internet and cellular phone plans change, so you will save by doing your homework. Vaya is 1 company with cheap phone plans and dependable coverage due to its partnership with Optus.


Eating out does not have to blow your budget either.

For good meal deals sign up to Groupon or Livingsocial. Check out your community noodle bars where you can frequently feed for approximately $10. Australians enjoy a Cheap Tuesdays in their neighborhood club, or a budget bar lunch. Locate a $10 steak lunch, which frequently includes a beverage. Or be aware of your regional smorgasbord dinner: all you can eat for a excellent price.


Living on a budget does not mean being a bore.

Australia has a wealth of attractions and activities that don’t charge entry fees, such as the Art Gallery of NSW, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Brisbane or Sydney’s Botanic Gardens (above). Summer is particularly vibrant in Oz with towns and cities offering free festivals and events. Sydney festival is held every January and the city is alive with funding friendly actions.


All year round there are ways to enjoy your time in Oz without breaking the bank. Proceed to the movies on cheap Tuesdays, and do not throw your shopping dockets until you have scanned the back. You will often find discount coupons for shows, museums and activities.