Is Chiropractic Work A Scam?


Let me begin by easing your mind that chiropractic is most definitely not a scam. Chiropractic began over 100 years ago by an American named D. D. Palmer. Dr. Palmer discovered that there was a link between a person’s nervous system and the health of their body. Chiropractic has evolved since this time to be a discipline of not only the nervous system but all the body’s systems. Chiropractic is utilized around the globe as an alternative to traditional medicine.

In Australia alone, chiropractors account for over 12 million patient visits per year. Nearly 9% of these visits are by children. Patients visit chiropractors for a variety of reasons although most are for mechanical pain of the neck and/or back. Other common reasons for visiting a chiropractor include headaches, difficulty sleeping, sports performance, and chronic pain conditions.
In Australia, a chiropractor is required to spend 5 years obtaining a bachelor’s degree and an additional 2 years getting a master’s. During this time, students study much the same curriculum as medical doctors. Their courses include neurology, physiology, anatomy, microbiology, and pathology, among others. After graduation, chiropractors must complete 25 hours per year in continuing education to maintain their certification. Chiropractors know how to safely treat the body and to recognize cases where it shouldn’t be used.
Chiropractors vary from medical doctors in that they treat the body from a holistic, whole-body point of view. Medicine tends to isolate symptoms and its treatment on alleviating them. While a chiropractor may relieve your symptoms, it is as a result of finding and treating the cause of the problem. For instance, hands that fall asleep or tingle may have their root problem in the nerves which originate in the neck. Freeing up pressure on these nerves may travel down the line and fix problems in the hands.
While there are questions about how far reaching chiropractic’s benefit goes, chiropractic has been found to be a generally safe and beneficial alternative treatment for many of your ailments. Don’t forget ask help to because they can help you.