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WilPaCTM Do It Yourself Legal Will Kit

Edition: 1999
Pages: 20 + forms

List price:
Singles Kit - $24.95 (incl. GST, p&h)

Couples Kit - $39.95 (incl. GST, p&h)



The WilPaCTM Legal Will Kits are the most user friendly will kits on the market to date, they combine comprehensive information together with a draft/practise will that has a numbering system which takes the client through the process step by step including signing instructions.

WilPaCTM is also the only legal will kit provider that has a "couples kit". This provides an even more cost effective approach as it contains 2 draft wills and two legal wills.

WilPaCTM is also the most cost effective will kit at just $24.95 including GST and Postage for singles and $39.95 including GST and Postage for Couples.

 Contents   Payment methods
  • Comprehensive Step-By-Step instructions.
  • Practise/draft will
  • Storage information
  • Sample clauses
  • Definitions
  • Legal Will
  • Executor's Memorandum
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