How To Hire Security Guards For Events

Hiring security for events can be quite tough.  Often, there will be a huge amount of people coming to the event & ensuring their safety needs to be something front of mind.  Hiring the best event security guards is no easy feat.

You’ve made the choice to employ a security agency to secure your company , but now what?

What attributes would you look for in a business? How can you distinguish one company from another?

A small company can serve you better than a national security company, to them, you are only a drop in the bucket. You will have the directors telephone number, not some call centre.


How Client Service Oriented Is the Corporation?

Safety is the number goal, of course, but after that’s customer service, if you think of a business that doesn’t have that as a priority, do not hire them.


Is Security the Business’s Main Focus?

You would like to learn whether security is the provider’s sole business or if it is an add-on to additional providers, such as cleaning, landscaping or parking.   We advise hiring a service which specializes in the form of security you want.


If you are hosting an event, seek an event security firm, if you require armed bodyguard services, pinpoint one which specializes in that. When it’s warehouse safety, find a company that has deep knowledge in that area.


What’s the Provider’s Reputation?

Have a look at ratings and review websites like Yelp, and mention social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Another thought: Ask the company for customer references and talk together, to find out whether they were pleased with the job done.