About Law4u

Law4u was established in 1998 and launched nationally in February 1999 by Justice Michael Kirby of the High Court. Today law4u has achieved a position as the premier national online legal information provider for consumers.

Law4u is a subsidiary of Lawscape Communications Pty Ltd, a company that provides consulting services to Government and industry, specialising in plain language writing, editing, information design, training, focus groups and associated services.

Your complete legal resource

Law4u is an Australian web site which provides consumers with comprehensive and practical information about the law and dealing with legal problems. We also explore the more interesting parts of the law through entertaining analysis of current legal issues, and reviews of legal thrillers, TV shows and movies.

Law4u is the complete legal resource. Not only do we provide information about the law, we also offer a range of resources that can be used by consumers to deal with their legal problems – these include forms and letters, a comprehensive glossary, listings of relevant courts and government departments etc.

In conjunction with Barker Australia Pty Ltd, a nationally recognised legal marketing consultancy, law4u also offers the LawMatch™ Service, – using a unique online matching system, it enables consumers to find a lawyer who matches their needs. Law4U and LawMatch™ operate together to offer the complete solution to consumers’ legal problems.


Law4u is not allied with any law firm in Australia, so users can be sure that the information provided is unbiased and credible.

Law4u content is popular with other Australian web sites. Over three hundred sites are linked to law4U, and our fact sheets have been used by:

  • AOL
  • Ninemsn
  • F2
  • TheLounge
  • Sofcom
  • Echoice
  • Seniornet

Information has been written by in-house lawyers with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our legal team also has extensive experience in making the law easy to understand – they have written and contributed to over 50 publications about the law as well as legal content for State and Federal Governments.

Our Team

The Directors of Lawscape Communications have a unique combination of skills as lawyers, professional writers and managers.

Managing Director – Paul Kaufman – e-mail: paul@lawmatch.com.au

Paul brings over twenty years of business experience and financial expertise to Lawscape. His key area of responsibility is business development.

Content Director – Robert Phillips – e-mail: rob@law4u.com.au

Robert has been a lawyer for over 15 years. He is a member of various State and Commonwealth Boards and Tribunals and specialises in legal issues affecting older people.

He is senior consultant with Lawscape Communications Pty Ltd offering plain-English legal information design, training and research. He is the author of a 400 page legal text and over twenty publications for the public about varying legal topics.

Creative Director – Geoffrey Winn – e-mail: geoff@law4u.com.au

Geoffrey has been a practising solicitor and barrister for 15 years. He is also a senior consultant with Lawscape Communications Pty Ltd, specialising in research and training.

He has practised widely as a solicitor and advocate, written for numerous legal publications and served on various professional legal committees.